The line specialises in combinations of yarns to produce interesting fabrics with textured surfaces to excite the tastebuds of designers with a passion for flair and the unusual.


Stelloni Andrea are a mill who recently combined with Mapel Spa and are based in Montemurlo, Italy not far from Florence.


Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter

Stelloni Andrea textile mill.

Produced in Italy and with the most modern technical processes, whether this be basic lines for peacoats in boiled wool or cashmere blends or classic overcoats in wool fabric mixed with Mohair or Camel, the textures are unusual offering woven in single or double weave, bonded or jersey, there is something for everyone.

They work mostly supplying coating and jacketing fabrics to both the fashion and uniform industries. If you like what you see here, please give us a call to fix an appointment.