They are a company producing outerwear and leisurewear fabrics using silk, cotton, wool and synthetic blends to create a sophisticated appearance with a variety of technical finishings available.


Olmetex is a textile mill established in Como, Italy in 1952.


Dream, Concept and Touch

Olmetex textile mill.

As of 2014, Olmetex have introduced a new presentation of their collection. This is split between Dream, Concept and Touch collections which will be released into the market at different stages to allow customers more time to do work on collaborations.

The "Dream" collection will be available in early December for Spring/Summer and in mid-June for Autumn/Winter and is designed to help you throughout the process from the earliest creative moment up to the production, always respecting your timing, giving you inspiration for you upcoming design ideas.

The "Concept" collection will be available in mid-January for Spring/Summer and in mid-July for Autumn/Winter. This is designed to help you as your ideas start to take shape so that, together we can define clear concepts and help to customise your final product.

The "Touch" collection will be available at Milan Unica and Premiere Vision in February for Spring/Summer and in September for Autumn/Winter. This is the final part of the Olmetex range and is designed to finish up on any collaborations we may have done with us. We see our role as a partner which is always ready to meet any need you might have so that we can develop an ever closer relationship.

Eco-Inside is the logo that represents the fact that Olmetex are using green energy. They have a generator on-site that generates all the hot water and electricity needed to run the factory.