They are producing knitted jersey fabrics suitable for mens and womenswear in both fashion and lingerie.


Eusebio Spa is a jersey mill situated in Crugnola di Mornago just outside Milan in Italy.


Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter

Eusebio textile mill.

The collection includes an interesting range of bonded jerseys which have a classic 'jacket' look about them. They have a facility to be able to do screen printing using 11 different colours to be able to produce very detailed, printed knitted fabrics.

They are a vertical mill with a substantial amount of cotton farmers commissioned in the Ivory coast, a spinning mill in Egypt and the rest of the production of the fabrics being completed at their headquarters.

They use energy from renewable resources and self-generated, the guarantee of OEKO-TEX certified products, the development of technologies with a minimal impact on the environment, such as the new controlled system to keep waste water within applicable legal limits, are some of the choices of a group which is present and strong on the international market of cotton that generates and distributes value with advantages that also benefit the community and the territory.