The Story of Minkley and Jacobs. The original Fabric Agents

Minkley & Jacobs have been a fabric agent for over 45 years now owned and run by Adam Jacobs.

It started in 1971 by Adam's father, Carlo Jacobs, it developed from operating stock and forward order mills for a wide cross-section of the business from premises at the back of the London Palladium in Hills Place.

At that time the industry was centred around the West End quarter east of Regent Street and north of Oxford Street. There were so many makers in this area with all their design and cutting rooms for samples that it was a constant hive of activity. Merchants reps and agents for the growing number of both UK and European mills would be out in the streets knocking on doors looking to see the designers or fabric buyers to show their wares. No appointments were needed. The customers wanted to see the sales people as much as they wanted to see their customers.

Increasingly, the manufacturers were getting more and more used to buying direct from abroad and not just going through the West End merchants. This meant that many more agents popped up to service the growing number of mills. As time has gone by many agents have begun to specialise in certain key areas and for us it has slanted towards casual and outerwear both in woven and knits. The mills we represent have a very large and expanding customer base as the market continues to develop in this area.

We currently represent

We aim to make both our fabric mills and customers feel well served and represented by constantly striving to build more business with our existing customers and expand that base, wherever possible. Click the logos for a more in-depth look at each fabric mill.